Experience the Benefits

  • 100% Natural

  • No side effects

  • Drug free

  • Private in-home use

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Vaginal tightening

  • Sterilize vaginal bacteria

  • Aid in birth canal rehabilitation

  • Improve vaginal dryness

  • Detox/eliminate odor

  • Helps menopause symptoms

  • Reduce scar tissue

  • Improve vaginal sensitivity

  • Improve sex apathy and enhance sex life

“After just 2 weeks of using the MyElle wand, I already started feeling a difference in my pelvic floor. My vagina feels tighter and stronger. I am more comfortable and confident in my sex life!"

Tara L. (age 27)

“I was suffering from chronic yeast infections but after 6 weeks using the MyElle I’ve been itch free!”

Laura (age 37)

“After having three children i’ve had such a hard time with incontinence. I love to exercise but I have to wear a panty liner all the time, sneezing, jumping, running, it’s frustrating! A few months with Myelle has helped me so much! I can go to the trampoline park with my kids and join in the fun!"

Michelle (age 43)

"MyElle’s blue and red light has helped me with vaginal dryness post menopause. I no longer need my prescription creams. I highly recommend MyElle to anyone going through menopause."

Sheila (age 66)

"When I entered into menopause I struggled with painful sex for years. I tried many different lubricants but experienced irritation with most of them. I even looked into having surgery to tighten things up but was too afraid of the risks involved. After searching for an alternative for months, I finally found MyElle and my sex life is now thriving again! I have increased sensitivity and I no longer struggle with dryness."

Sandy N. (age 57)