If you're a new mother, then we wish you congratulations! Having a baby is a blessing that every woman deserves in life. After birth, it takes some time to recover from the effects that the experience has on your body.

Women who have a natural birth find that the baby's movement through the womb into the birth canal and then through the vaginal canal has a severe traumatic effect on the pelvis. Similarly, women who go through a C-section birth require the doctor to cut deep into the pelvic floor to reach the womb and remove the baby.

Both experiences are traumatic and cause untold damage to the pelvic floor. However, natural births devastate the structural integrity of the vaginal walls and vaginal canal as well.

As a result of natural birth, you might find that sex doesn't feel the same after you heal. Your vaginal walls feel loose, with excess stretched skin inside the vaginal canal. The changes can affect sex for both you and your partner and change the dynamics of your relationship.

Are you wondering how can I make my vagina tighter? This post will give you everything you need to know to return to optimal sexual health after giving birth.


  1. Kegel Exercises

The best advice on how to keep it tight down there after your pregnancy is to make Kegels a regular part of your daily routine. Invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 40s, Kegels have helped millions of women restore their pelvic floor health after experiencing childbirth.

Dr. Kegel noticed that women would experience changes to the pelvic floor after childbirth that altered the position of the bladder and uterus. As a result, most women would develop a condition known as "Urinary Incontinence" (UI).

Women with UI would find that they needed to urinate more frequently throughout the day. When going to the bathroom, they may find it challenging to hold their bladder. Some women also report leaking urine after sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

Kegels help to strengthen the pelvic floor, reducing the symptoms of UI. To complete a Kegel, close your eyes and try to imagine squeezing the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. During the squeeze, lift the muscle toward your navel. Release and repeat for 10-repetitions twice a day.


  1. Kegel Weight Training

Kegel training is effective, and you can slowly build into it over a few months. After around 90-days, you should recover the full control of your pelvic floor. At this stage, you'll feel like you're a pro with Kegels. Now it's time to up the ante with your Kegel training.

Kegel weights are the next step in vaginal strengthening. Kegel weights look like small steel golf balls or ping-pong balls. You lubricate them and insert them into the vagina, and then start your Kegel training.

The goal is to stand and do the training without the weights falling from your vagina. As you progress, you can add attachments to the balls that connect to external weights. Learning to weight-lift with Kegel devices will give you a strong vagina, and the best control over your pelvic floor – plus, you and your partner will love it in the bedroom.


  1. Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy (RLT) is a new revolution in vaginal rejuvenation. A red light device like the MyElleVibe has a specific design to add with recovery after childbirth and treating the effects on menopause.

The device features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably inside the vagina. The device operates three LEDs at the tip of the device that pushes red light towards the cervix and the walls of the vaginal canal. The red light penetrates deep into the tissues, causing a rejuvenating effect through boosting collagen production.

As a result of the light therapy, you restore the structural integrity of the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor.

With a 12-minute treatment every other day, you can be feeling like yourself again in 60-days. Therapy with this red light device helps to resolve your incontinence and gives you back control over your pelvic floor. Completing Kegels while using a MyElleVibe will accelerate your recovery from childbirth.


  1. Change Your Diet

We can make changes in our diet to fast-track our recovery from childbirth. Eating foods that promote collagen production help with the repair of the damage to the tissues and muscles in the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor.

Eating foods that are high in amino acid content, specifically in proline and glycine, help improve your body's production of the vital protein, collagen. Organic bone broth or bone broth powder is an excellent choice for helping to elevate collagen levels.

Supplements containing iron, spirulina, and copper are also beneficial for boosting protein synthesis and producing collagen. Add these nutrients to your diet; you can get supplement powders that are easy to add to your breakfast shake.


  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinics

Vaginal rejuvenation clinics are an excellent option for accelerating your recovery. As mentioned, the natural childbirth process causes the stretching of the skin in the vaginal wall. The body's natural skin elasticity won't enable the vagina to return to the same as before the birth.

A vaginal rejuvenation clinic uses a technique with a CO2 laser that vaporizes the loose skin in the vaginal canal. It's a similar experience to using the red light device. However, laser rejuvenation techniques do require some training to utilize effectively without hurting yourself.

Going along for a few laser treatments after you recover from the trauma will help to tighten things up.



Wrapping Up – Stay Consistent

If you decide to start your vagina on the road to recovery from childbirth, follow these five steps. Be consistent with your training and therapy, and you'll see results. Many women find it hard to remain consistent, but the more you do, the faster you'll recover.

Stay motivated and get your partner involved with your training and therapy. After all, they stand to benefit from this in the bedroom as well.

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