7 Ways for Women to Eliminate Vaginal Odor and Itching and Improve Sexual Performance

How is your sex life? If you’re looking to increase pleasure during intercourse, then we have a few tips for you.


  1. Exercise

There is a proven link between your sexual health and the health of your cardiovascular system. Sex gets your heart rate up, but it doesn’t provide much of a training effect for your lungs and heart. Having a robust cardiovascular system improves circulation, allowing oxygenated blood to reach tissues and enhance your well-being.

30-minutes of exercise every day is more than enough to get your blood pumping through your veins, providing you with a strong cardiovascular system. The better your cardiovascular health, the stronger your libido.


  1. Lube with Water-Based Formulas

Are you dealing with female dryness? Having sex when you’re feeling dry isn’t enjoyable for you or your partner. Fortunately, you can fix this issue with the use of lubricants during sex. Use a water-based lube during sex for the best results.

Avoid using silicone-based lubes, as they can cause a bacterial imbalance in your vagina. Bacterial Vaginosis is a condition that occurs when the harmful bacteria in your vagina start to overwhelm the good bacteria. As a result of BV, you’ll begin to notice vaginal odor and itching occurs. Doctors treat BV with antibiotics.


  1. Change Your Diet

Some foods can help improve your cardiovascular and sexual health. We recommend you increase your intake of healthy fats. Add avocados, fatty fish, high-quality oils, and nuts to your meals. Healthy fats are good for energy, and they reduce inflammation in the body.

Make sure you supplement with Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 has several benefits for your skin, including boosting collagen production.

Increase your intake of Vitamin B1. This vital vitamin increases your nervous system response, sending faster signals from the vagina to the brain. You can find vitamin B1 in foods like peanuts, eggs, and kidney beans.


  1. Lower Stress

Stress affects our health. We live in a busy society where we have multiple sources of stress in our lives. From finances to social responsibilities, stress can beat you down and kill your sex drive. Fortunately, it’s possible to alleviate much of your stress through exercise and eating right.

However, sometimes stress can become so severe that it leaves you with low libido, even when you’re training and eating correctly. Psychological stresses can affect you achieving an orgasm, and it can leave your partner thinking that you’re pulling away from them.


  1. Change Lifestyle Habits

What’s your vice? If you enjoy smoking and drinking or using recreational drugs – you might want to reconsider your actions. Self-destructive habits like consuming tobacco, drugs, and alcohol will ruin your collagen production and bring on the signs of aging.

As a result, you might start to experience the onset of lower circulation, narrowing the blood vessels, and affecting your sexual performance. Out of all your vices, smoking is the worst on your sexual health. The habit can lead to the onset of other conditions, and it devastates the neural connection between the brain and the vagina.


  1. Get Some Sunlight

Sunlight boosts vitamin D production and makes you feel energetic. However, what if you live in a city that’s always gloomy? Red light therapy helps to boost your energy at a cellular level.

The wavelengths penetrate deep into your skin, providing yours with a rejuvenated feeling. Red light therapy helps to boost collagen production and restore the health of your vagina. You’ll need a few treatments per week to get the full benefit. However, after a few sessions, you’ll notice a difference in your libido.


  1. Complete Kegel Exercises Every Day

Dr. Arnold Kegel invented this vaginal exercise in the 1940s. To complete Kegels, you need to locate the pelvic floor. This group of muscles is the same one you use to stop peeing in mid-stream. To create a link between these muscles and your brain, close your eyes, and focus on contracting the muscles.

Squeeze the pelvic floor and then try to draw it up and towards your navel. Hold the top of the movement for a few seconds, and then release—complete 10 to 12-reps of this exercise twice a day. You can do Kegels anywhere, from sitting in your car to working in your office or relaxing on the couch watching TV.

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