Pregnancy and aging can cause your vagina to feel loose. The muscles in the walls weaken due to less sexual contact in your life, or the onset of menopause.

This loosening effect on the vagina can reduce sexual pleasure for both partners in the relationship – resulting in pressure on the couple as one partner may feel frustrated with their sex life.

Fortunately, there is a way to recover your sexual health at any age. The medical community developed technologies to tighten up vagina walls using surgical techniques. This procedure is useful after childbirth, helping mothers recover from the stress on the vagina muscle during natural birth.

However, some women might not want to go under the knife for a surgical procedure to tighten their vagina. In this case, the best way to tighten vagina muscles is by using non-surgical methods.

Here are three non-surgical alternatives for tightening your vagina and improving your sex life.


Electrical Stimulation

If you’re wondering how to tighten your vagina without ending up on the operating table, the best place to start is with an electrical stimulation device. There are several devices available that women can use to create contractions in the pelvic floor muscles, stimulating the effects of exercises like Kegels.

Electrical stimulation machines are useful for women that have lost control of their pelvic floor through issues like childbirth. This machine helps to provide stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles, allowing the affected individual to start their recovery.

After a few weeks with the machine, the affected individual notices they start to recover control over the pelvic floor, limiting incontinence caused by childbirth or aging.


Radio-Frequency Stimulation

This technology works with the same goal as electrical stimulation. A device emits radio waves into the vagina, causing the heating of tissues in the vaginal wall.

With repeated treatments, women will find that they start to experience a tightening effect on the vaginal canal.

Women can see results from radio-frequency therapy in as little as three sessions. However, research shows that the effects of the treatment tend to be temporary.

To get the most out of your radio-frequency therapy, we recommend combining it with electrical stimulation and CO2 laser therapy. By utilizing all the treatments you can, you achieve the best results.


CO2 Laser Therapy

The most popular non-surgical method for tightening the vagina is the use of the CO2 wand. This technology treats vaginal looseness and incontinence in three 10-minute sessions with your therapist. With this treatment, a wand emits a 360-degree CO2 laser into the vaginal canal.

The laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the vaginal walls, leading to a tighter vagina in only three sessions. The effects of the CO2 wand are incredible, and the system works for women of all ages.

You’ll see better effects in tightening your vagina with the CO2 wand than in a few months of doing Kegels. Book for your professional consultation today and experience the impact of the CO2 wand on your vagina and sex life.

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