Are you dealing with female dryness? Are penetration and sex painful? There could be several reasons why sex doesn't work for you right now. It's time to start focusing on a solution to your vaginal problems.

Have you heard about the benefits of red light therapy for your sexual health? RLT offers some surprising benefits that provide relief from the effects of menopause and conditions like female dryness.


The Reasons Why Your Sex Life Sucks Right Now

There could be a few reasons why your sex life isn't great right now. When it comes to female health, we'll focus on the following three issues.



If you're a new mother, congratulations, bringing a child into this world is a supreme joy that only mothers can understand. After a few weeks or months of recovery, you and your partner will likely want to get back to having sex again.

However, natural childbirth is severely traumatic on your vagina. The baby wrecks the structural integrity of the vaginal canal during birth. As a result, you'll have loose skin inside your vagina, and sex might not feel the same. The vaginal walls take time to heal and return to structural integrity.



C-section childbirth might have mercy on the vaginal canal, but it's not friendly towards the pelvic floor. When doctors operate to remove the baby, they cut deep into the pelvic floor. The doctors sear through the pelvic floor muscles to get to the child and then stitch you up.

The trauma to the pelvic floor muscles from the operation is hectic, and it takes several months for your pelvic region to start feeling normal again. Some women state that it can take up to a year to start feeling better after the surgery.



When you enter your 40s, you start producing less estrogen, and protein synthesis slow. What does this mean for your body? The drop in estrogen affects your hormonal balance. As a result, you might start to experience mood swings, ending in severe depression. The depression can start causing anxiety, resulting in insomnia and other sleeping disorders like restless legs.

The lack of hormones and a reduction in collagen production, a vital hormone for tissue health, results in the onset of Vaginal Atrophy (VA). Collagen-induced VA results in a thinning of the vaginal walls and the labia. You'll start to feel pain during penetration, and female dryness becomes a problem.


What are your Symptoms?

Childbirth and menopause both cause changes in your hormone profile that wreak havoc on your sex life. Some of the common issues affecting women dealing with menopause-induced depression and post-partum depression include the following.


Low Libido – When hormone production dives off a cliff, you can expect your need for sex to follow it like a lemming. Low libido occurs due to diminished estrogen levels, which is the primary hormone for female well-being. With low levels of estrogen, you'll find it challenging to get aroused. You'll also notice that you don't think about sex anymore.


Low Energy Levels – When your hormones are in the gutter, and collagen production is low, you start to feel fatigued during the day. You might find you need a nap in the afternoon just to keep your eyes open. Low energy levels can also be a sign of diabetes, so check with your doctor if you start to experience this symptom.


Sex Doesn't Feel the Same – New mothers that give birth naturally experience stretching on the vaginal canal's skin as the baby passes. This skin does not always return to its usual tightness and resilience as before the birth.

If you're over the age of 36-years old when giving birth naturally, you can expect a reduction in your healing ability die to lower collagen production. As a result, the loose skin in your vagina may feel uncomfortable during sex, reducing pleasure for both you and your partner.


Female Dryness

The Bartholin's glands at the front of the vagina are responsible for lubrication during sex. During menopause, they start to dry up, resulting in the onset of female dryness. Fortunately, some natural lubrication can help to resolve this issue.


Red Light Therapy – The Answer to Your Problems

Fortunately, we have good news for you. Just because your pelvis and vagina are a mess right now, doesn't mean you can't recover to fulfilling sex life. Red light therapy offers you an effective at-home treatment for reducing the effects of menopause and childbirth on your vagina and pelvis.

A red light therapy device like the MyElleVibe can revolutionize your post-menopausal sex life, and help a new mother get back on track in the bedroom.


How Does Red Light Therapy Help?

Red light therapy devices like the MyElleVibe utilize low-intensity laser light therapy to boost collagen production in the pelvic region. These devices have an ergonomic design and fit inside your vaginal canal.

The front of the device features three red light LEDs, releasing red light waves in the 610nm to 700nm spectrum. These lightwaves penetrate the layers of tissue in the vaginal wall and the pelvis, causing a therapeutic effect.

Red light helps to stimulate the production of energy at a cellular level. At the same time, the red light also helps boost collagen production in the skin and tissues. With a 12-minute treatment every other day, you can reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy.

New mothers will lobe the therapeutic effect of MyElleVibe devices. A 12-minute treatment a few times a week is all you need to help you tighten things up down there. The device also features a vibration mode to accelerate your healing.

Within 60-days of starting your therapy, you'll notice a considerable difference in your sexual health.


What Is the Best At-Home Red Light Device?

We recommend our MyElleVibe as the best light therapy device available. These machines have an upfront investment, but the treatment will last you a lifetime – can you really put a price tag on your sexual health and fulling sex life?

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