Good sleep leads to good health, and that includes good vaginal and sexual health too. So it is critical for your sexual, vaginal and personal life that you sleep well.

Are you having trouble with your sleep? Are you tossing and turning for hours before you finally drop off into dreamland? Maybe you're waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep?

More than 70-million Americans suffer from some form of sleeping issue. Whether it's insomnia, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome, not getting your beauty sleep will make you feel frazzled the following morning.

Whatever the reason for your diminished sleep quality – we have a solution to your problem. Have you heard about the benefits of using red light therapy? In this post, we'll look at how RLT can improve your sleep.


The Sleep-Depression Connection

There is plenty of research showing how your mood and sleep are interconnected. People who are dealing with the effects of depression in their life may have a harder time getting to sleep than others.

Sleep disturbance, such as insomnia, is the leading symptom of depression. Regions of your brain that govern your mood also play a role in managing the sleeping and waking cycle. This cycle, known as the "Circadian Rhythm" is our natural time management process, and it's the reason you can get up at the same time every morning, without the use of an alarm clock.

However, individuals experiencing disruptions in their circadian rhythms are likely to start developing a host of other adverse physical and psychological symptoms. Sleep is critical to our well-being. While we sleep, the brain clears neural pathways of all toxins. That's the reason why you feel refreshed when waking up in the morning.

If you ever wake up to find that you would rather go back to bed, it's likely because you didn't get enough sleep. As a result, the brain couldn't refresh the neural pathways before you woke up.

Unfortunately, a lack of sleep and depression go hand-in-hand to destroy your mental health, viciously feeding off one another until you experience a psychotic break.


Can Red Light Therapy Help Cure Insomnia and Depression?

Fortunately, low level laser reviews show promising results for the treatment of sleeping disorders and depression.

Red light therapy (RLT) involves the use of red light waves that penetrate deep into your skin. These light waves mimic the effect of natural sunlight, boosting energy production in your body at a cellular level. The red light stimulates the mitochondria, helping them to produce ATP for energy.

A few sessions with a red light device will turbo-charge your metabolism, helping shift your body and brain into high gear. RLT is also effective at relieving the symptoms of sleep disorders and depression. A therapy session involves a technician placing a red light device on your head.

The light waves penetrate your skull, rejuvenating the brain. After a few sessions, every other day with a red light device, you should notice a significant difference in your attitude, mood, and thoughts.


Balance Your Circadian Rhythm with RLT

So, does light therapy work? Unfortunately, there are no peer-reviewed scientific studies on the effects of red light therapy on the brain. However, there are dozens of studies in the UK, showing the impact of RLT in relieving seasonal depression symptoms (SAD) from affected individuals.

Many people experience a seasonal depression when the skies turn grey and the winter sets in for the season. Research shows that RLT is effective at relieving the symptoms of SAD after three to five sessions with a red light device.


Boost Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a chemical produced by the body to help you drift off to sleep. When you're feeling tired, that's the brain releasing melatonin to prepare you for sleep.

RLT boosts melatonin production before and during your sleeping cycle, allowing you to fall asleep quickly. Melatonin helps you achieve deep sleep, reaching REM (rapid eye movement) faster where the brain starts to produce the therapeutic effect on neural pathways.


Light Therapy - A Solution for Depression

If you're feeling depressed and have trouble getting to sleep, you need to take action to resolve the situation right now.

The longer you leave the problem, the worse it gets. Book a consultation for red light therapy today. The results are fantastic, and you'll have the best sleep ever after you try RLT.

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