How Does Red Light Therapy Work? Is It Key to Better Sex?

How Does Red Light Therapy Work? Is It Key to Better Sex? - MyElle

Do you feel like your sex life is slowing down? Our libido is sensitive to physiological and psychological changes and can result in a slowdown of our sex drive for a variety of reasons. There are several reasons why your libido is feeling flat, and it's challenging for a doctor to diagnose the issue causing the problem.

A drop in libido comes from changes in your neural chemistry, due to the onset of depression. If you're struggling to make ends meet financially or dealing with your partner's problems, it promotes cortisol production in your body, leading to the onset of anxiety disorders and depression in the affected individual.

If you don't seek any treatment for your problem, then the low-libido will persist, and it could end up damaging your relationship. Your partner might think you're pulling away from them, driving a wedge into your relationship.

Fortunately, there's a solution to this problem. Red Light Therapy (RLT) is taking the health and wellness industry by storm. This treatment involves the use of red light healing energy to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Developed by Hungarian scientists in 1967, red light therapy also goes by the scientific name, photobiomodulation. This therapy is gaining traction in health and wellness practices across the world, thanks to the noticeable benefits it offers people dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and low libido.

Many doctors believe that RLT is nothing more than "snake oil," claiming that it's a scam. They would rather see you pound a fistful of pills each day and spend hours in therapy to resolve your issues.

However, the reality is that there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that red light therapy can alleviate the symptoms of low libido, depression, and high-anxiety disorder. Low-level light therapy (RLT) has plenty of advantages for healing and restoring your health.

Red light therapy improves cellular repair and respiration, providing a host of beneficial effects for the body.

Red light stimulates energy production at a cellular level, telling the mitochondria to boost the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the biochemical carrying energy throughout the body. ATP controls metabolism and numerous other critical biological functions.

Red light therapy devices produce light waves in the range of 610nm to 700nm. Therefore, they don't produce any harmful UV rays that damage your skin. It's a safe therapy that provides nothing but beneficial results.


How Does RLT Affect Your Sex Life?

Red light therapy can restore the health of your libido, boosting your sex drive. The treatment works for men and women, using the same biological processes in both sexes to regain your sexual well-being.

Once again, there is no scientific, peer-reviewed evidence on the effects of RLT on your libido. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting the benefits of the treatment.

Patients exposed to red light therapy see a boost in their hormone levels, increasing their sex drive. For women, red light therapy around the pelvis helps to reduce inflammation and boost collagen production.

When women reach menopause, they experience a slowdown in collagen production., the lack of this vital protein in the body starts to cause issues like vaginal atrophy. With this condition, women experience a thinning of the vaginal walls, resulting in painful sex and penetration.

Red light therapy helps to stimulate collagen production in menopausal women. As a result, you can reverse the vaginal atrophy, allowing you to enjoy sex in your senior years.


Is There any Science on RLT and Sexual Health?

As mentioned, there is no peer-reviewed scientific research on the health effects of RLT. However, there are stacks of anecdotal studies suggesting the health benefits of RLT are the real deal. Everyone who experiences this therapy notices improvement in their well-being after a therapy session.

Some of the notable health benefits from RLT include the following.

  • Improvement in energy levels and sex drive
  • Better looking skin
  • Enhanced collagen production
  • Clearer thinking and removal of "brain fog"
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety
  • Assist with the treatment of mild traumatic brain injury


Red Light Therapy and Your Mental Health

Red light therapy can help to boost biological processes that rejuvenate your sexual health and libido. However, RLT is also beneficial at helping you restore your mental health as well. Running a red light device over your head helps the light waves penetrate your skull into your brain.

The effect of red light on the brain can help to lift depression and stop anxiety disorder. There is also anecdotal evidence suggesting that its an effective treatment for resolving PTSD in affected individuals.

Red light has an anti-depressant effect, and many people who deal with seasonal depression (SAD) find tremendous benefit from regular RLT sessions. Some people notice minor side effects for the treatment after their first session.

Most people develop a cottonmouth, and you might feel a slight headache. However, you'll find that the treatment makes you sleep like a baby, relieving the symptoms of sleeping disorders like insomnia and restless legs. With regular treatments, you'll notice these symptoms gradually disappear.


The Verdict – Is Red Light Therapy a Scam?

Sure, there might not be any peer-reviewed scientific research available on the benefits of RLT. However, the lack of data doesn't mean that the treatment doesn't offer you any benefit. If you're hesitant to go out and spend a thousand dollars on a red light machine, rather book an appointment at a clinic for treatment instead.

This strategy is an excellent choice for people that are skeptical about the therapy. The session is far cheaper than buying a device yourself, and it gives you a good overview of what to expect from prolonged therapy.

Book three of four sessions in a week and take notes of the changes you experience. The chances are that you'll feel an increase in your libido after the first session, and your partner will notice the effects on your well-being and mental health.

There's no need to suffer from the symptoms of low libido. Book your red light therapy sessions today and get back to having sensational sex. 

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