MyElle™ CEO and Founder Bryche Abawi's experience with Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti or DR is Abdominal Separation: A condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate, or as I say, when your transverse abs don’t come back together after having a baby. DR happens from intra-abdominal pressure in the last term of pregnancy to 100% of women, but it closes about six weeks after giving birth for most women. DR is common for women who are over 35, deliver a high birth weight baby, or have multiple pregnancies. It’s usually most noticeable right after delivery. It can also occur in middle-aged older men with abdominal obesity. 

In my opinion, Diastasis Recti is under-discussed, there isn’t a lack of help or information out there, but most OBGYN’s don’t warn you about it and don’t tell you what to look for after birth. This should be a standard check and discussion at least at your 6-week post-baby check-up.

I am a proud mom of two beautiful boys, and although having my first child at age 25 brought its own problems during pregnancy, my body bounced back fairly quickly. My second pregnancy was also extremely difficult, landing me on hospital bed rest for six weeks and required a scheduled C-section. 

Fortunately for me, I had two close friends that were very open in discussing their DR gap, and my one friend even nicknamed hers the Buddha belly. If it weren’t for them, I never would’ve known to check if I had DR, and I probably would’ve started down the path of exercising the way I usually would to get my body back post-baby. When you have DR, you can’t do some of the same movements and exercises that most can do because it will worsen your Diastasis. 

Then to my dismay, I checked my belly, and there it was; I could fit four fingers into a big hole in the middle of my stomach!!! So many questions ran through my mind, like, will I ever have a flat stomach again? I became obsessed with the gap and checking it!

So, in my true biohacking fashion, I started on the hunt for help. I refused to believe that I couldn’t do anything to help my Diastasis and that I would have back problems for the rest of my life. I found a program called the MuTu System and quickly began on a fantastic transformative 12-week journey! Not only did I reduce my gap from four fingers to two, but I also lost 16 pounds of baby weight, and I had a completely new outlook on my body and what Diastasis meant for me moving forward. 

I know you probably have a million questions like: 

How and when can you check your DR gap? 

What exercises can’t I do?

What do you mean back problems? 

There is so much help and information out there, including starting with a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor issues. I urge you to speak to your OBGYN as well. I genuinely recommend the MuTu System for any and all information, it’s affordable, and they have an incredibly supportive community going through the same struggles. 

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