Is Red Light Therapy the Fountain of Youth?

Is Red Light Therapy the Fountain of Youth? - MyElle

You’ll think it’s the Holy Grail of anti-aging health treatments when you first encounter red light therapy.

The concept sounds mystifying – with the flick of a switch, a device emits red light, penetrating deep into the layers of your skin. This dose can help with anything from fatigue to weight loss, with no chemicals, supplements, or changes to your lifestyle.

With health professionals touting the benefits of red-light treatment, you might find yourself curious about the topic. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about RLT.


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

The red light treatment delivers a concentrated wavelength of light into your skin. The light penetrates up to 10mm deep, reaching deep into muscle fibers and tissues. Your cells absorb the light, convert it into ATP energy, stimulating the production of crucial compounds like fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin.

Red light therapy provides a revitalizing effect on your energy levels, boosting circulation. As a result, the body absorbs more nutrients and oxygen into tissues and cells. The red light activates a potent self-healing response in the body at a cellular level. The regenerative effect from red light treatment will give you younger-looking skin, diminished scarring, higher vitality, and enhanced muscle recovery.

The technology is not just any red light source. The red light therapy bulbs used in our practice operate on two wavelengths— 660 and 850 nanometers. These wavelengths deliver the optimal biological response to the therapy.

The 660 wavelength absorbs into the skin quickly. Therefore, it’s the better choice for cosmetic treatments, such a s clearing up the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin. The 850 wavelength is more for deep muscular relief, speeding up recovery for muscle and ligament injuries.


What Does Red Light Therapy Do?

Red light therapy is a useful treatment for a variety of adverse health disorders. Some of the more common uses of the therapy include the following.

  • Recovery from childbirth
  • Minimize menstrual pain
  • Recover faster from sporting injuries
  • Accelerate fat loss programs
  • Reduce the signs of aging on the skin



Booking Your Red Light Therapy Course

When signing up for a red light therapy treatment, a course will require numerous sessions. Depending on your health goals, you might need up to 20-sessions to complete your treatment. The sessions are usually at least 48 to 72-hours apart to ensure that there is no inefficient cross over of the therapy, and the body recovers between treatments.

There are full-body treatments available. You can also choose to work on a specific area, such as a muscular injury, or fat loss around the neck and love handles.


Is Red Light Therapy Harmful?

Researchers are yet to find the optimal dose for red light treatment. However, most practitioners of the therapy will advise you to get a 20 to 40-minute treatment every 48 to 72-hours, until you achieve your health goals – whether that be anti-aging or weight loss.

Red light therapy is not harmful, and you don’t have to work about any toxicity problems with overexposure to the light.

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