Does your vagina feel loose during sex? If there’s one way to kill your sex life, it’s through natural childbirth. With natural birth, the baby rips apart your vaginal walls, pelvic muscles, and ligaments as it comes into the world.

It takes years of physiotherapy to reverse this damage, and some women experience permanent changes to the way sex feels – sometimes, not for the better.

While natural birth is a real vagina killer, a C-section isn’t much better. This procedure involved doctors cutting through your pelvic floor muscles to reach the womb and pull out the baby.

It can take women up to a year to recover from the trauma involved with a C-section birth, but at least your vaginal canal remains intact.

After giving birth, whether it’s natural or C-section, you’ll have to go through physiotherapy to slowly start to rebuild the structural integrity of your pelvic region. So, what is the best way to recover from this trauma? Are there any special tips?


What Are Kegels?

Dr. Arnold H. Kegel developed the Kegel exercise plan in the 1940s. If you’re wondering how to tighten your virginia naturally, then Kegels is the place to start.

These exercises involve you locating the “pelvic floor.” This group of muscles and ligaments holds your uterus and bladder in position. When the pelvic floor experiences dysfunction, these muscles and ligaments start to atrophy, causing issues like incontinence.

To complete a Kegel, you lie down on your bed or sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and try to visualize the muscles and ligaments in your pelvic floor. Squeeze these muscles (they’re the same ones you use to stop the flow of urine while peeing) and then pull them up towards your navel.

Breathe in slowly and deeply during the squeeze and breathe out slowly as you release the squeeze. Wait for 5-seconds and repeat. Try to hold the top of the movement for 5-seconds between reps. At the end of the 12th rep, squeeze for as long as you can before releasing.

Do 2 to 3-sets of these Kegels at least twice a day. You can do them while driving, sitting in your chair at the office, or home on the couch.


What are Kegel Weights?

Kegels are effective at natural vaginal tightening. However, when you get good at Kegels, it’s time to take your pelvic floor training to the next level.

Kegel weights are a training tool to help you increase the strength of your pelvic floor. Think of it like going to the gym. You can do free-weight squats, but eventually, you’re going to get bored and need to challenge yourself and your body to a new experience. You pick up the squat bar and free weights and go to work.

It’s the same with Kegels. Eventually, you’ll reach a stage in your training where Kegels are no longer doing much for you except maintain your current level of strength. Kegel weights keep you progressing with your pelvic floor training.

Kegel weights come on different sizes, shapes, and weights. Also known as “Chinese Balls,” Kegel weights are small and circular.

You insert them into the vagina when doing your Kegel exercises, and it adds weight to the Kegel, increasing the strength required by the pelvic muscles to reach the top of the movement.

When introducing Kegel weights to your pelvic floor training program, make sure you start slowly and add weight as you progress. During the first few weeks, only do one weight workout every other day.


How Do You Prepare Your Kegel Weights?

Before inserting your Kegel weights, make sure that you cover them with a water-based lubricant to ensure smooth movement inside your vagina.

When you’re ready to insert them, you move into the squat position. Push the balls into your vagina, and ensure you have enough lubricant to prevent scratching or stretching of the vaginal walls. 


How Do You Remove Kegel Weights?

After you finish your workout, you remove the Kegel weights by moving into a squat position. Push your pelvic floor, and the weights will drop out of your vagina. Make sure you wash them with soapy water, rinse and dry the balls before storing them in the carry-case.

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