Red Light Therapy Results on and Benefits for Your Skin

Red light therapy is taking the health and wellness community by storm. This treatment is safe and effective and useful for slowing the signs of aging. RLT not only rejuvenates the skin, making you look younger, but it also has a use for tightening up the pelvic tissues, helping women overcome issues like a weakened pelvic floor that leads to urinary incontinence.

While there is no peer-reviewed scientific research proving the benefits of light therapy, hundreds of thousands of anecdotal cases demonstrate the efficacy and benefits of this treatment.

Cold laser red light therapy delivers concentrated light in wavelengths that benefit your skin and tissues, without any chemical treatments or harmful UV rays. The device doesn't produce any heat, and it's safe for extended use.

Red light therapy results are astounding, and you'll find it hard to believe that this therapy works so well. The red light stimulates energy production at a cellular level in the body. As a result, you feel vital, and your body has the energy it needs to enhance cellular repair.

RLT can restore muscle tissues in the body and neural tissues in the brain. If you're dealing with PTSD or post-partum depression, RLT can help lift your dark mood.

Red light therapy helps to enhance circulation, boosting your energy, and stamina levels. The treatment reduces inflammation while ridding your body of toxins.


Red Light Therapy as a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Red light therapy can help to alleviate both chronic and acute inflammation through enhancing circulation, pushing more oxygenated blood into damaged muscles and tissues. Some anecdotal trials suggest that RLT can increase your antioxidant defense as well.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of RLT help to rejuvenate the skin, removing free radicals and toxins that bring on the signs of aging. With frequent RLT sessions, you can see a significant difference in your skin's health.


What are the Anti-Aging Benefits of RLT?

RLT helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in your skin and face. The therapy helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restores a youthful-looking complexion.

The average treatment plan involves around 30 sessions, and we advise you to take a day off in between your sessions to let your body settle from the effects of the therapy.

Some of the other prominent anti-aging benefits of RLT include the following.

  • Improve collagen production and density
  • Reduce the appearance and progression of wrinkles and "crows feet"
  • Treat sunburn and enhance skin tone
  • Decrease scarring
  • Reduce the severity of acne outbreaks


Boost Collagen Production with Red Light Therapy

In addition to enhancing circulation and reducing inflammation, RLT also assists with boosting collagen production in the body. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. You'll find collagen in your skin, muscles, ligaments, and every other tissue in your body.

As we age, we experience a drop in protein synthesis. As a result of this decline, we start producing less collagen. This effect leads to a loss of elasticity in the skin and changes in texture and appearance.

Low collagen levels mean that bruises and cuts take longer to heal. Muscles and ligaments are more prone to injury, and you start to experience problems like pelvic floor dysfunction. PFD occurs when the pelvic muscles atrophy and weaken, causing the shifting of your uterus and bladder inside the pelvis.

This occurrence leads to the onset of other issues, such as urinary incontinence. RLT helps to stimulate your natural collagen production, help stop vaginal and pelvic spasms, and prevent the prolapse of the organs in the pelvic area.

Regular treatment with an RLT device helps to boost your collagen production, slowing the signs of aging. You might also notice an improvement in the health and appearance of your skin.

Most patients require multiple treatments over several weeks to get the full benefit of the therapy. When using RLT to treat pelvic problems, a technician runs the light device over your pelvis for 20 to 30-minutes. You repeat this treatment every other day for a few weeks, and you'll notice a dramatic improvement in your pelvis' health and well-being.

RLT can reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy, building the vaginal walls while preventing female dryness.

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Red Light Therapy Results on and Benefits for Your Skin

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