Collagen and Female Dryness – The Miracle Remedy?

Collagen and Female Dryness – The Miracle Remedy? - MyElle

Collagen is the new trendy superfood in the health and wellness scene. You've probably heard your friends talking about how they loved their cup of bone broth on a cold winter morning. Collagen is available as a powdered supplement, and you can add it to shakes, smoothies, or bullet coffee.

What is collagen, and how can it help with vaginal dryness? It might surprise you to learn that this protein plays a vital role in maintaining your sexual health. The vagina relies on collagen to provide support to the muscles in the vaginal walls.

Collagen is also responsible for helping the Bartholin ducts maintain healthy secretion of vaginal fluids during arousal, ensuring that you don't experience dry, painful sex. In this post, we'll unpack everything you need to know about collagen, and how it affects your sexual health.


What is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, totaling around a third of your body's total protein content. Collagen acts as a building block for new cell creation and communication, providing the body with structure, strength, and stability.

You can find collagen in our muscles, tendons, and ligaments – it's a vital protein responsible for the health of the muscular system.

Collagen is most abundant in your muscular and skeletal system, but there's plenty of it in your vagina as well. More than 16 types of collagen proteins exist in the body, and they collect in the organs and tissues.

When collagen production wanes, we start to see the signs of aging appear. In our 50s and 60s, our skin starts to lose its elasticity. As a result, lines and wrinkles begin to appear on our faces. This change is a sign of protein synthesis slowing and a drop in collagen production.


Can You Find Collagen in Food?

Changing your diet to improve collagen production can help boost your body's protein levels as you age. Leafy greens like kale and spinach contain nutrients that stimulate collagen production, but it's challenging to find collagen occurring naturally in food.

Foods high in healthy fats and omega-3 essential fatty acids will also help to promote collagen production.

However, if you want the best way to consume collagen, it's time to make some bone broth. If you don't feel like preparing your bone broth yourself, then pick some of the ready-made stuff up from the store. Kettle&Fire makes a great broth.

However, you can make your broth yourself at home with water and bones. Fill a large crockpot with 5-lbs of bones and 14-cups of water. Leave the bones to simmer in the water for up to 96-hours. After simmering, strain using cheesecloth, and throw the remaining bones and tissue away.

Bottle your bone broth into mason jars and drink a cup in the morning. This collagen-rich mix will improve your digestive health and boost the presence of this vital protein in your body. Heat some on a cold morning and enjoy a nutritious collagen-boosting breakfast.


Are Collagen Supplements Useful?

There is no conclusive evidence that shows consuming collagen supplements works. We think that drinking bone broth is more beneficial for collagen production than supplement powder.

Supplements are expensive, and no science proves they do anything to improve collagen levels in the body, most of it just ends up in the toilet bowl.


Collagen and Your Vagina

According to consumer reports, Americans spent more than $125-million on collagen products during 2019, with an increase over the prior year's consumption.

So, is collagen what helps with female dryness? Collagen is a vital part of the tissues in your vagina. Women experience a thinning of the labia and vaginal walls during menopause due to lower collagen production. As a result, you might start to experience pain during sex.

Boosting collagen production can help resolve this issue and return you to enjoying your sex life. Drinking bone broth is an excellent way to promote your collagen. However, if you want fast results for your vagina, turn to CO2 laser therapy for results.

CO2 laser therapy stimulates the vaginal tissues and the labia, helping spur the production of collagen. Laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation provide exceptional results for women after just one session. Repeated therapy will restore the health of your vagina, improving lubrication and strength of the vaginal walls.

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