How to Help Vaginal Dryness? Is Coconut Oil a Good Option?

Female dryness is a frustrating condition to live with during your senior years. However, it’s not only seniors that have to deal with this disorder – it can happen to young, healthy women as well. We have some ideas on how to help vaginal dryness disappear from your life.

One of the best ways to naturally lubricate your vagina is by using extra-virgin coconut oil. This unrefined oil is rich in beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. A dab on your vagina helps with lubricating the walls and the labia, preventing underwear chafing and discomfort when sitting.

Is coconut oil hype or a real solution? Read on to find out how to help with female dryness.


Does Coconut Oil Work as a Personal Lubricant?

Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in many natural moisturizing formulas, and it’s also great as a standalone moistening compound for your skin. We recommend you go with the extra-virgin variety. This coconut oil undergoes no refining, leaving all the beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in the oil.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride, and the extra-virgin variety is in a solid-state at room temperature, looking like fat or wax. However, if you take a bit between your fingers, it quickly turns liquid, allowing easy application to your skin. So, should you use coconut oil as a personal vaginal lubricant? Will it provide you with pain-free sex?

Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial properties that prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing the vagina while allowing the good flora to thrive. Applying coconut oil to your vagina every day helps to prevent conditions like bacterial vaginosis (BV).

According to data from a 2013 study, coconut oil is effective at strengthening the skin barrier. The oil has emollient properties, helping to hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin.


How to Use Coconut Oil Safely

Unfortunately, there is no published and peer-reviewed scientific research on the efficacy of coconut oil as a personal lubricant. However, there is plenty of scientific information regarding the benefits of using medium-chain triglycerides in your diet, and as a topical moisturizer.

Studies show that coconut oil is fine to use on your skin, with no harmful effects. However, to be sure you have no allergies, its best to dab a bit on the inside of your wrist first. If you develop an allergic reaction, and the skin starts inflaming, then discontinue use.

However, if nothing happens, you can try using coconut oil as a personal lubricant and moisturizing formula. Dab some on your labia using your fingers after you finish bathing. Keep a small jar of the oil in your bag and use it at work or anywhere else where you feel discomfort due to female dryness.

Coconut oil is harmless, and you can use it as a lubricant in the bedroom. The oil helps to lubricate skin and toys, making a friction-free surface that provides plenty of pleasure for you and your partner.

Always choose unfiltered, unprocessed coconut oil. The processing removes all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients, leaving you with something more akin to cooking oil. You’ll notice a light coconut smell on the oil, but it’s not overpowering.


Risks and Safety Considerations for Using Coconut Oil

If you’re dealing with vaginal dryness, it’s best to speak to your doctor. Every case is unique, and your doctor may need to take bloodwork to understand the cause of your condition.

Coconut oil is a low-risk lubricant, but you should still consult with your doctor to uncover the reason for your vaginal dryness, especially if you are under 50-years old.

If you’re a young woman dealing with vaginal dryness, then the chances are your situation is treatable, and you can return to a happy and healthy hormone profile that restores your sexual health.

However, seniors may require the use of hormone replacement therapy to restore collagen production and lubricate the vagina. Some research suggests using coconut oil with latex condoms can degrade the latex, causing the condoms to break.

When having sex and using coconut oil, it’s a good idea to put down a towel to avoid staining your sheets and mattress with the oil. Give coconut oil a try as a personal lubricant the next time you and your partner decide to get intimate.

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