How to Take Care of Your Vagina? 7 Health Tips

Is your vagina itchy? Is there a funny fishy smell coming from downstairs? From bacterial imbalances to infections and fungi overgrowths, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your poor vagina. In this post, we’ll look at nine strategies on how to take care of your vagina.


Aim for Holistic Health

The first step in vaginal health doesn’t involve cosmetic treatments or medications (unless you have an infection). The first step of ensuring you have optimal vaginal health – is fixing the small stuff.

What do we mean about fixing the small stuff? Well, those are the things in your life that you can directly control. Your diet is a good example. What kinds of foods are you eating? Do you eat too much sugar in your diet or too many processed foods? These things matter, and your diet play a significant role in your vaginal health.

The digestive system is home to around 70% of your immune system. Therefore, if you have poor nutritional health, you’ll end up with a weak immune system. As a result, you’ll end up catching frequent urinary tract infections, and you’re at a higher risk of contracting an STI for an infected partner.

Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.


Get a Screen

Women should see their gynecologist at least once a year at the very minimum. Staying current with your screenings is the best way to maintain cervical and vaginal health, ensuring that you have no abnormalities causing a concern.

Pap smears are vital for vagina care, and young girls should ensure they receive an HPV vaccine before they turn 15-years old. The HPV vaccine protects girls from catching this STI, and it also acts as a cervical cancer vaccine.


Stay Safe

If you’re having sex with a new partner, then it pays to be safe. Catching an STI from a sexual encounter will ruin your vaginal health. If you do come down with symptoms of itching, scratching, or discharge, make sure you book a consultation with your doctor as soon as possible.

Leaving an infection to spread may result in the onset of PID - pelvic inflammatory disorder. This condition may present a life-threatening situation for you if you don’t receive the treatment you need.

Insist on your partner wearing a condom during sex.



Stop Douching

The vagina doesn’t need your help to stay clean. This self-cleaning organ has a natural balance of bacteria that keep it smelling fresh, without the need for shower or bath gels and scented soaps. Using these cleaning products on your vagina, remove the natural bacteria.

As a result, you’ll find you develop a bacterial imbalance, known as bacterial vaginosis. BV is prevalent in about 33% of women. If you experience this condition, you’ll need antibiotics from your doctor to restore your vagina to health.


Try Using Natural Lubes for Sex

If you’re experiencing female dryness, try using natural lubricants during sex. Instead of picking up a water-based lubricant online, try using some extra-virgin coconut oil instead.

Coconut oil looks solid at room temperature, but it quickly melts between your fingers. Extra-virgin coconut oil retains all the natural goodness of the antibacterial compounds and beneficial flavonoids in the coconut.

Refining the oil removes these enzymes and polyphenols – so make sure you get the unrefined version.


Incontinence and Prolapse are not Always Dangerous

Most women experience these issues after childbirth or due to the aging process. However, both are treatable if you get to your doctor as early as possible for diagnosis. Your doctor will examine your condition and recommend surgery or physiotherapy to restore your vaginal health.


Don’t Forget to Exercise

Exercise is a critical part of vaginal health. However, with this type of activity, we’re not talking about going out for a run. Kegel exercises involve strengthening the pelvic floor.

The pelvis is a network of muscles that acts as a sling, keeping your bladder and uterus in place. Aging, childbirth, and hormone imbalances can weaken the structural integrity of the pelvic floor. As a result, you start to experience problems like incontinence.

By completing Kegels once or twice a day, you improve the strength of the vaginal walls and your pelvic muscles.

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