"Is Your Sex Life Over After Pregnancy?" - Non-Sirgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

"Is Your Sex Life Over After Pregnancy?" - Non-Sirgical Vaginal Rejuvenation - MyElle

Are you a new mother? Congratulations! Starting a family was your dream, and now you have a baby. Many women don’t even think about sex for the first few months after giving birth. If you had natural childbirth, it’s going to take plenty of physical therapy to get all your internal organs and pelvis settled from the trauma.

A C-section might reduce the trauma on your vagina, but it’s still an invasive procedure that wrecks your pelvic floor. As a result of these traumatic experiences, many women feel uneasy about returning to a healthy sex life with their partner when the baby gets a little older.

Fortunately, non surgical vaginal rejuvenation is available to help you get your vagina back into the swing of things in the bedroom after having your child.


What You’ll Experience After Your Pregnancy

For the first few months after giving birth, both you and your partner are likely not to give a second thought to sex.

The demands of your newborn will keep your hands full 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The late nights, early mornings, and 3-hour feeding sessions will leave you both feeling like zombies as you bend to the whims of your baby.


Try to Get Some Sleep

For new mothers and new parents in general, your normal sleep cycle is a thing of the past. Forget about getting 8-hours straight for the foreseeable future.

You’re both likely to be so tired, all the time, that you hardly think about going to the effort of having sex. Sleep has fantastic restorative powers and the more you can get of it, the faster your healing time.


When Can You Start Having Sex After Childbirth?

Most healthy mothers will receive the green light from their doctor to start having sex around the six to eight-week mark after giving birth. It’s important to note that you need to ensure you have no more postpartum vaginal discharge, otherwise known as “lochia.”

Whether you had a natural birth or C-section, all women go through this period for two to four weeks after giving birth. If you jump the gun and have sex before the discharge stops, you’re putting yourself at risk of infection.

Before you jump back into sex, it might be a good idea to consider non invasive vaginal rejuvenation to help you speed up your recovery.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – Does it Work?

 You get both invasive and non-invasive procedures. The invasive kind typically occurs under the hand of a cosmetic surgeon. They’ll remove loose skin in the vagina and reconstruct the walls.

Non-invasive procedures such as the the Vaginal Rejuvenation Red Light wand helps to tighten and tone the labia and vulva, reconditioning your vagina back to health. It bumps up your production of collagen, increasing the recovery of the skin and tissues inside your vaginal canal. This is the best choice if you want an at home option with no surgery and no down time. 

Other treatments like radio-frequency therapy are useful at restoring the structural integrity of the vaginal canal. Vaginal rejuvenation can leave you feeling like a twenty-something again.

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