About Us

MyElle™ is a women-owned and operated business fueled by the passion that Bryche and Rain have for improving the quality
of life for ALL women.
Our Mission at MyElle™ is to provide women with a non-invasive, painless alternative to vaginal health, tightening, and overall wellness through innovative light therapy and sonic vibration from the comfort of home. We strive to bring the highest level of quality and technology to every vaginal rejuvenation wand we create.




We are women first, before every other accomplishment and title. We value always learning over all-knowing.


MyElle™ was created by women, for all women.




Bryche (Bri-sha) Abawi


Bryche is a mom of two boys and has been working in wellness for over 15 years. While operating one of the largest infrared sauna companies in North America, she met many people taking charge of their wellness through wavelengths.

She became inspired to research the benefits of light and wellness on the body. Bryche went on to launch seven non-invasive body contouring and wellness companies, where she pioneered and developed the three-step InfraSculpt™ process for body sculpting and overall health. This three-step process utilized Red Light, Whole Body Vibration, and an Infrared Sauna.

Bryche saw over 4,000 people benefit from her program and saw the fantastic transformation light had on her clients and herself. With 93% of her clients being female and struggling herself with diastasis recti, PCOS, and pelvic floor issues, Bryche realized that there was a huge need for these lights in the world of vaginal wellness.

Bryche wanted to offer the same non-invasive alternative to vaginal health that she had successfully provided to so many women in her body sculpting business. She wanted a company that created a safe, non-judgemental platform with a knowledgeable team for women to be educated and confident about their vaginal health.

“Everyone has a story, and we’re all more alike than we know. I truly want our customers to learn how to be in charge of their health and body.”



Rain Montana


Rain and her husband are empty nesters. Together they have four adult children and six grandchildren. She has been in the health and wellness field for over 30 years, helping 1,000s of clients achieve their goals. Together, she and her husband have owned a gym for 17 years.

Rain believes age should not define us, as is evident in her own life. At 47, she competed in a figure competition for the first time and qualified to compete on a national level. She earned over a dozen trophies, and at 50, she earned her pro card.

Rain was so busy running several businesses and raising kids, that she lost herself along the way. She found herself disconnected from her sexual desire and feminine essence. And for a time, she struggled with hormonal issues and painful sex. Rain and her husband were madly in love, but sex became stale and less frequent.

She once helped women develop their bodies by working out and training hard. She now helps women create the passion, connection, and intimacy they desire in life and love. 

“I found the missing pieces and am passionate about helping other women rediscover themselves and re-write their stories.”



Tiana Boruff
VP of Marketing and Branding


Tiana is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and artist. She began her career as a stylist and esthetician, studying ayurvedic approaches to beauty at the Aveda Institute in Washington, D.C. For over ten years, her passion has been incorporating wellness practices into her business. She believes that beauty shouldn’t come at a cost to your health. Helping women feel confident and beautiful gives her work meaning.

In her early 20’s, Tiana began to struggle with undiagnosed PCOS, painful intercourse, and hormone imbalances. She didn’t hear other women her age talking about these struggles, and felt like maybe she was broken. She began a desperate search for better solutions to her problems that wouldn’t cause more side effects. Tiana studied plant-based nutrition and researched less invasive solutions to her struggles. As she dug deeper, she discovered that millions of women were suffering in silence. Women were ashamed of their bodies, and very few were talking about it. Tiana decided to pursue an education in women’s health and to dedicate her life to helping women feel empowered and supported.

“Women’s bodies should not be taboo. It is time to talk openly and honestly about women’s health and the unique challenges we face.”