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100% Natural and No Side effects

Many women find themselves experiencing additional side effects when searching for relief due to harmful or harsh chemicals or surgical procedures. With The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND, you don’t have to worry about that. Our wand uses the power of light to help you experience the relief you are searching for. Learn more about the healing power of light. How it works

Improve Vaginal Dryness

More than 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before menopause takes place. More than half (56%) of menopausal women ages 40-84 experience vaginal dryness that interferes with their quality of life. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND has 19 Red LED lights at 650nm that encourage an increase in cellular functioning. When your cells are functioning at an optimal level, you can experience increased natural lubrication. Learn more about the healing power of light. How it works

Helps Menopause Symptoms

Menopause doesn't have to be miserable. Every woman experiences menopause, but the symptoms can vary, and unfortunately, finding relief can be challenging. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND uses the power of light to help ease many of these symptoms. Such as painful intercourse, dryness, decreased sensitivity, odor, vaginal atrophy, and sex apathy. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND uses the combined power of RED LED lights (650nm), BLUE LED Lights (477 nm), and Sonic Vibration to help your body heal on a cellular level. Learn More about how each of these elements can give you back your confidence and your sex life.  Menopause

Postpartum Recovery and Canal Rehabilitation

Your body goes through a lot, mama! From conception to birth, your body changes dramatically and quickly. This can leave you struggling with a weak pelvic floor, odor due to pH imbalance, decreased sensitivity, and painful intercourse, just to name a few. Through the power of light and sonic vibration, The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND can aid in canal rehabilitation by helping your body heal on a cellular level without the need for invasive procedures or harsh chemicals. Learn more about postpartum and how the power of light can help you heal. Pregnancy & Postpartum


When searching for relief, women often resort to prescription drugs or over the counter creams that promise relief. While there are times, women may need some of these interventions, many women are left with no relief and struggling with secondary side effects. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND uses the power of light to help you achieve a more localized and focused healing approach without side effects. Learn more about how you can achieve results with the power of light. How it works

Private In-Home Use and Quick Treatment Time

Achieve vaginal rejuvenation from the comfort of home with The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND. The process of vaginal rejuvenation can be a discrete one. MYELLE™ offers discreet packaging and convenient online ordering. No embarrassing office visits or lengthy procedure times. Treatment times can be modified to fit your schedule and are recommended 3x a week for just 10 mins, all from the comfort of home. Learn more about how to use your MYELLE™ wand. Using Your Device

Decrease Inflammation

Vaginal inflammation is often caused by menopause, postpartum or pH imbalances, which can be caused by bacteria. This can make daily activities difficult and uncomfortable. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND can help alleviate this inflammation. RED LED lights (650nm) have been shown to decrease pain and increase cellular function, allowing your body to heal. BLUE LED Lights (477 NM) have an antimicrobial effect that can sterilize bacteria, which may reduce infections that cause undesirable odor. Learn more about how light works on a cellular level to bring you relief. How it works

Vaginal Tightening

When RED LED lights (650nm) have a regenerative effect on your cells, this can enhance muscle repair, increase elasticity, and promote cell turnover, creating healthier, younger skin. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND has 19 RED LED lights (650nm), 3 of which are located on the wand’s tip. This allows for maximum exposure and the freedom to insert the device based on your comfort level. Sonic vibration stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor to contract and strengthen. With regular use, you can experience a tighter pelvic floor and vaginal canal. Learn more about how sonic vibration and light work on a cellular level.  How it works

Sterilize Bacteria and Eliminate Odor

Proprietary to The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND is the use of BLUE LED Lights (477nm) for vaginal rejuvenation. Blue light at 477nm has an antimicrobial effect that can sterilize bacteria. This bacteria is often the culprit when it comes to unpleasant vaginal odor. Infection or the use of scented or harsh feminine products can throw off your delicate pH balance. Blue light at 477nm can help you restore natural pH levels and fight infections that cause odor. Learn more about how blue light works. How it works

Improve Vaginal Sensitivity and Enhance Sex Life

Decreased blood flow can reduce vaginal sensitivity and cause dryness. Through RED LED lights (650nm) and sonic vibration, The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND can increase blood flow and natural lubrication. With the combined use of Sonic Vibration and RED LED lights (650nm), your wand will stimulate your cells and encourage them to upregulate their function and increase blood flow. Learn more about how light and sonic vibration can improve your vaginal sensitivity.  How it works

Reduce Scar Tissue

Red light has been shown to speed up wound healing and decrease scar tissue. RED LED lights (650nm) encourages skin cell turnover and increases the function of cells. This increase in function means an increase in the production of nutrients within your cells. When your cells are functioning optimally, healing can be quicker. Learn more about how light works to help your cells heal. How it works

Help With Incontinence

One of the leading causes of incontinence is a weak pelvic floor. When your pelvic floor muscles cannot contract effectively, it can lead to issues when running, jumping, coughing, or even laughing. The MYELLE™ VAGINAL REJUVENATION WAND can help you strengthen your pelvic floor and reclaim your confidence. Sonic Vibration stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to contract, which over time creates a stronger and tighter pelvic floor and vaginal canal. Treatment times can be modified to fit your schedule and are recommended 3x a week for just 10 mins, all from the comfort of home. Learn more about how Sonic Vibration can help you strengthen your pelvic floor. How it works


Revolutionary Technology and Comfortable Design

Wand Dimensions:Wand length: 8.5” / Insertion length: 5" / Insertion circumference: 3.5"


What is the age range to use MyElle™?

The MyElle™ can be beneficial for women of all ages.

I am starting menopause. How can MyElle™ help me?

It is an excellent choice for women in their 40s, 50s, or 60s who are beginning or are currently experiencing the effects of menopause. Women who are aging, have decreased estrogen, which can lead to thinning and drying of vaginal tissue, as well as an increase in inflammation. The MyElle™ wand can encourage tissue repair, promote tightening, and increase lubrication to make sex more enjoyable. Red light technology has also been shown to increase fibroblast production, which can produce collagen and protect existing collagen. This process assists with skin elasticity.

After having children, how can MyElle™ help me?

MyElle™ is a great choice for mothers. The trauma of childbirth can stretch and cause damage to the vaginal walls and surrounding tissues. MyElle's™ unique technology can assist with vaginal elasticity and tightness, by improving collagen formation, similar to the way it assists with menopause symptoms.

What is the pelvic floor, and why do I need to strengthen it?

Your pelvic floor is a fundamental group of muscles and connective tissues that stretch across the bottom of your pelvis, like a taut and flexible trampoline. The pelvic floor is anchored in the front at the pubic bone, wraps around the vagina and rectal openings, and attaches at the base of the spine. It is vital to maintain the health of your pelvic floor because it supports the proper function of many other essential body processes such as:

• Supportive role holding up the bladder, uterus, and rectum

• Enhancing and maintaining sexual function and pleasure

• Maintaining control of bowel and bladder continence

• Providing lower back support by working with abdominals stabilizing the core


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We Love GOOD CLEAN LOVE™ and so will you!
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Some bodies are naturally more sensitive than others, which is why we offer BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant. This water-based personal lubricant is made with hydroxyethylcellulose, a plant-based material shown to be hypoallergenic. BioNude also features patented Bio-Match® technology - it closely mimics natural feminine moisture and helps maintain a healthy pH balance.


BioNude is a slippery, effective lubricant for enhancing pleasure and is formulated to help you avoid irritation or adverse allergic reactions. There is no added flavor or fragrance, no parabens, no glycerin, and no petrochemicals. Because it’s water-based, BioNude is fully compatible with toys, safe to use with latex condoms and cleans up easily.


Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Sodium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride *Formula may vary due to occasional improvements.

  • Water-based formula with hydroxyethylcellulose, a plant-based and hypoallergenic material formulated for people sensitive to aloe-based lubricants.
  • No added flavor or fragrance.
  • No parabens, petrochemicals or glycerin.
  • Bio-Matched®to closely mimic healthy, natural feminine moisture, lactic acid levels, and pH balance.
  • Isotonic – meaning it does not damage vaginal tissue or strip your body of its natural moisture.
  • Compatible with toys, safe for use with latex condoms, and cleans up easily.
  • Safe for use while pregnant.
  • pH rating: 4.0
  • Osmolality rating: 250 - 400 mOsmol/kg